What We Can Provide

Cognoscere is a pre-professional student organization founded at UCSD to create a bridge for students from university to the workforce, specifically for jobs in Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, and Computer Science. We pride ourselves on the diversity of our members and the integrative collaboration between students across multiple disciplines. Therefore, we encourage students from many majors to apply for membership. This student organizations goal is to facilitate development of skills through the proof of work and collaboration among the multiple leveled skills of members.  Cognoscere is a place to form a network of like-minded peers within the university as well as professionals who are working out in the field.

Cognoscere is designed to help you become job ready for when you leave the university. We will help you choose projects relevant to your line of work so you can have a stellar github account. We will help you polish your resume and your LinkedIn Account. We will help you reach out to real companies and complete projects for real world problems. We will be an educational support network both during your time at UCSD and after you graduate. 


What New Members Should Expect

As a new member you will start out as a tier 1 rank and be able to work your way to the ranks based on the amount and types of projects that you complete. For new members with little to no experience the point of this is to help you develop your skills with the right level of challenge. In addition the groups you form for group projects will be made of members who are also at the same skill level as you. Together, you will teach and learn from one another and as you complete projects you will move up the rank. As you move up the ranks, the higher level ranks may advise to the lower level ranks, and may become an advisees to lower tiers. All projects done by members under Tier 4 projects for development are overseen by higher ranked members in the Cognoscere Community. All professional projects from Tier 5 and above are under the advisement of UCSD Faculty and Staff and Tier 7 members. For members that may be joining that are more experienced, and have already completed projects in their previous coursework at UCSD you may submit projects previously completed to move up the ranks quickly.

For more information on Ranks and how to move up see here.



Ready to join?

We are so excited to have you join our community! To become a member please fill out the form at the link below. Be sure to leave your email so we may contact you with further information. 

In the mean time, feel free to join our discord server for more information, and start meeting members now!

Casual Meeting