Steps and Guidelines

As a new member you will be placed in a rank. 
You rank up, by either completing projects or submitting projects from previous courses which can fulfill your rank.


0 projects complete

You are a beginner, you have interest in coding, may have a few intro level courses under your belt, but no official projects. 
Access Granted: Tier 1 Discord Channel. You may now access the discord channel to form groups and be advised by higher level members.


1 project complete

You have completed at least one project. You may submit projects from schools courses or projects you have completed on your own. To be approved you must submit your github account to showcase your work. 
Access granted:  Tier 2 Discord Channel.


3 projects complete

You have completed 3 individual projects. Projects from UCSD courses can be submitted or projects you have completed on your own. To be approved you must also you create a linkedIn account. 
Access Granted: Tier 3 Discord Channel, you can now joined the linkedin group for Cognoscere. And you may advise lower level members.


6 projects complete

You have 6 total projects on your github account, and have 2 projects which are either a cognoscere competition, kaggle competition or 2 group group project (Projects from UCSD courses may be submitted). You must submit your CV as well as your resume. 
Access Granted: Tier 4 Discord Channel. You may now advise lower level members. You now have a page dedicated to your work on the Cognoscere Website showcasing linked in profile and github account, resume and CV.


7 projects complete (1 of which is a professional project)

You have worked on a professional group project for a real company under the advisement of ucsd faculty and staff and high level members. 
Access Granted: Tier 5 Discord Channel. You now have access to the recruitment process for professional projects. You are now encouraged to reach out to companies and work on projects for them. Your completed professional projects will be displayed on the Cognoscere Webiste.


10 projects(6 projects, 3 group, 1 professional)

You have completed 10 or more projects, 3 of which are group projects/competitions, and at least 1 project for a professional company. 

Access Granted: You are now a full fledged member with all the perks. You will be listed as an honorary member on the website and have access to recommendations from UCSD staff that have been a community advisor to your group. Group members from your professional group projects can vouch for your skills on linkedIn and provide a network of professional peers. You must endorse the skills of your fellow group members on linkedIn.


10+ projects completed

You are a working professional, and are now the highest ranking member in the organization.
Access Granted: You may recruit lower level members to your current place of work, and you may advise or be a mentor to all members within Cognoscere. You have access to Tier 7 Discord Channel with all other members who can aid in your continuing professional development as well as help one another in your ongoing projects in the future.